Bergen County, NJ (September 25, 2019) – Greater Bergen Realtors® members participated in Realtors® Care Day.  Realtors® Care Day is an initiative set forth the NJ Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation and has been a great way for Realtor® members to give back to their communities through improvements including landscaping, outdoor cleanup, exterior repairs, and safety modifications. Ultimately, the projects not only restore a homeowner’s pride but also instill a revitalizing momentum within the community. Greater Bergen Realtors® Care Foundation was again this year’s projects’ proud sponsor.


This year, Greater Bergen Realtors® were able to help two local homeowners in Fairview and Dumont, NJ. At one of the locations, members cleaned out and planted beautiful fall mums that gave the front area of the home a full makeover. Members also made additional cleaning and planting in the yard. The sidewalk’s holes and driveway holes were patched to alleviate the homeowner from tripping or falling.  The second home had interior fixtures that needed to be done. Some of those fixtures included a door replacement and some minor repairs in the living and dining room area. Daniel Barbosa, a local contractor based out of North Haledon helped as the professional team leader. Daniel was able to assist members in the cleaning of the shrubbery of both home locations, door installation and sidewalk repair. Project leader, Bonnie Borghi said, “This is my second year volunteering for Realtors® care Day. I am so happy to be able to be a part of an amazing initiative. Many people need help in some way, and I am happy to help.”  

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